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Microsoft Teams - Operator Connect Accelerator


Benefits of Operator Connect

Microsoft's Operator Connect Accelerator through NUWAVE, allows any Microsoft approved Carrier/Operator/SI to quickly connect to Microsoft's Operator Connect service by bringing their own SIP trunks in order to easily deploy their Microsoft Teams Operator Connect offer.

By interfacing with the Microsoft Teams API infrastructure through iPILOT and acting as the “front end” for a partner’s network, NUWAVE does all the heavy lifting, essentially meshing the NUWAVE’s carrier grade redundant network with the partners’ for the most optimal routing and resilient delivery of services through Microsoft’s Operator Connect.

Advantages of NUWAVE's Platforms

MS Teams OCA Graphic

Microsoft OC Readiness in days, not months or years.


Simple Connection

  • Simple SIP trunk Connection
  • Seamless integration into Operator Connect
  • Geo-redundant, carrier-level service
  • Global connectivity & support
  • Accelerated Deployment of your Microsoft Teams Operator Connect offer

Increase Revenue

  • Fully Self-Serve, automated platform
  • API Integrations and automated PowerShell
  • Zero-Touch, on-demand scaling
  • Deploy, Manage, Support OC partners and customers
  • Decreased Complexity -managed by non-technical personnel

Turnkey Solution

  • Expanded Market reach through Microsoft Teams Operator Connect ecosystem
  • Increased Revenue potential
  • Increased Profit margins and profitability within traditional markets (i.e., Enterprise & SMBs)
  • Expanded Reach through other market segments such as SMB

Onboarding made simple

Taking the heavy lift out of joining the Microsoft Operator Connect Program, NUWAVE's iPILOT platform can easily integrate your own Carrier Network into the Microsoft Operator Connect ecosystem and solve for resource constraints and time-to-market. NUWAVE's iPILOT Platform is Operator Connect/Carrier ready, so all you have to do is connect your network to ours, and the rest is done.

NUWAVE's iPILOT Platform solves for:

  • API Integration Requirements
  • Global Connectivity through MAPS
  • Single Pane OC/DR Automation & Management
  • Geo-Redundant Network Integration

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