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Call Recording

Transforming Conversations

Regulations and laws on data privacy, data security, data retention, financial services, consumer protection, export controls and sanctions and the like are constantly evolving. CallCabinet and NUWAVE have partnered together to provide future-proof compliance call recording solutions, your business automatically stays up to date with regulatory changes as and when they happen.

iPILOT automation provides the complete partner solution for enabling Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone (Coming Soon), and Webex Calling including migration from on premise, global voice network enablement, and quality analytics support for your overall Cloud Network. 


Compliance Call Recording

From Dodd-Frank, MiFID II and GDPR to POPI, PCI DSS and many more, with CallCabinet your business automatically adheres to the latest regulatory developments as and when they happen. Set custom policies at a granular level and take complete control of your regulatory and policy compliance across your organization.
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iPILOT & CallCabinet

By turning on CallCabinet in iPILOT, you can optimize your business by generating data from every conversation whether it be voice, video or chat!

Add the power of AI into your calls and unify all business conversations, turning this into highly valuable data and insights for your business.

Ai-driven Conversation Analytics

Let next-generation artificial intelligence unlock the business intelligence held within every conversation and across your organization. Deep machine learning and natural language processing work together to reveal sentiment, emotion and so much more for complete context.

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