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Microsoft Teams Solutions

NUWAVE enables the most comprehensive global Microsoft Teams services in market.


Simplify Your Microsoft Teams Voice Connectivity

With this cloud-ready, elastic UCaaS solution, your remote and flexible workforce can enjoy the benefits of a unified communication platform.

Our Microsoft Teams solution allows you to:

  • Make and receive calls directly in Microsoft Teams via computer, tablet, mobile device, or desk phone
  • Manage all of your numbers, from Microsoft Teams to Webex to Zoom, with one platform-agnostic communications platform: iPILOT
  • Stay updated with the latest security measures to ensure the safety of your employees
  • Ensure emergency compliance and ensure employee safety with Dynamic 911
  • Improve your cloud communications with additional features such as SMS, call recording, and call compliance

Our award-winning carrier-grade network boasts 99.99999% uptime. And thanks to our software-driven SIP, dedicated onboarding specialists, and disruption-free porting, you can migrate without a hitch. Ready to get started?

Bring Award-Winning UC Solutions to Your Organization


Unify Your Systems

Provide a complete voice solution in the cloud and reduce your reliance on-premises hardware while eliminating points of failure.


Simplify Your IT

Increase agility and consolidate voice management with rapid provisioning, reporting, diagnostics, and advanced analytics.


Scale Globally

Connect your phone system to NUWAVE's worldwide network, and get the power and reliability of our geo-redundant cloud wherever your business goes.


Cut Calling Costs

Build your own calling plan to phase out on-prem equipment, pool usage across users, and outsource technical expertise.

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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams with traditional VoIP. This highly customizable solution supports complex setups like on-premise SBCs and bring-your-own-carrier solutions, can use existing Voice infrastructure​, and allows you to phase your migration by department, office, or number range​.

operator connect

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

This fully managed, cloud-based solution makes it easy to manage all of your numbers directly in the Teams Admin Center. Our simplified deployment process allows you to get set up in minutes, and doesn’t require any equipment or PowerShell configuration.

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Microsoft Teams Operator Connect Accelerator

Microsoft's Operator Connect Accelerator, offered through NUWAVE, enables Microsoft-approved carriers/operators/SIs for easy deployment of their Microsoft Teams Operator Connect offer.

Global Voice Enablement for Microsoft Teams

"NUWAVE’s dedication for simplifying partner onboarding and end customer experience through the iPILOT platform made NUWAVE an easy choice to join our Operator Connect Accelerator program to assist operators in the deployment and management of Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams. The automation that NUWAVE brings aligns well with our vision for realizing the potential of Operator Connect.”

Mahendra Sekaran , Corporate Vice President , Microsoft Teams Engineering

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