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Dubber Unified Call Recording

Get More Out of Your Calls

Dubber Unified Recording and voice data services are now integrated and available on iPILOT 2.0 for all NUWAVE customers.

Dubber’s entry-level solution is FREE to all MS Teams users on iPilot 2.0 enabling you to instantly record, replay and reveal valuable insights from your voice and video conversations.

Unlock meaningful insights and actionable intelligence powered by the Dubber Voice Conversation Cloud today.

Out of your Call

End Not Knowing

Dubber is the world's leading provider of cloud-based call recording and voice AI. Built to scale to meet any need, Dubber allows businesses and government to unlock the insights in calls, videos and messages. The world’s #1 unified call recording & voice intelligence solution


Dubber Conversation

Dubber Conversation cloud-based recording services are available to all NUWAVE and iPILOT 2.0 customers with an entry-level solution at no cost which includes:

  • Call recording and playback
  • Unlimited recordings with a 30-day storage expiry on recordings
  • Industry-leading security and privacy
  • No recording length caps
  • Pause and resume recordings
  • Download and delete
  • Search and discover
  • Frictionless provisioning and onboarding
  • Simple, affordable, and flexible upgrade subscription options
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iPILOT & Dubber

By turning on Dubber in iPILOT, you can optimize your business by generating data from every conversation whether it be voice, video or chat!

Add the power of AI into your calls and unify all business conversations, turning this into highly valuable data and insights for your business.

Record. Replay. Reveal

With Dubber you can:

  • Ensure compliance mandates are met
  • Improve customer and employee intelligence
  • Enable the remote workforce
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Expedite dispute resolution
  • Turbocharge productivity without the requirement for hardware or capital expenditure

Let’s harness the power of voice data together!


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