Operator Connect


Benefits of Operator Connect:

Operator Connect allows you to manage all your numbers and users directly inside of the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. You can request a relationship directly from the Teams Admin Center, which allows you to see and assign numbers provided to you by NUWAVE.​

Future Proof:

As features get added, NUWAVE can help you bridge the gap with Direct Routing while OC grows.​

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Reasons to choose Operator Connect:

  • Simplified Deployment Process​
  • Fast Setup, setup in minutes​
  • Phone Number management from Teams Admin Center​
  • Fully Cloud Based Solution, No equipment required, Fully Managed Solution​
  • 1:1 network connection for enhanced resilience through MAPS​
  • Manage Numbers from Multiple Operators in the Teams Admin Center​
  • Can Coexist with Direct Routing and Calling Plans in the same tenant

Fully Managed Solution​


Direct Connection Through Microsoft Azure Peering Services​


Teams Admin Center Management

Building now for the future​

Number Provisioning:​

  • Manage all your numbers and users directly inside of the Microsoft Teams Admin Center.​
  • Self Service Management of Phone Numbers and users through the Teams Admin Portal​
  • DID inventory management and assignment

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Number Provisioning

For the Customer:

  • Self Service Management of Phone Numbers and users through the Teams Admin Portal
  • DID inventory management and assignment

For the Operator:

  • Numbers show up in the Teams Admin Center
  • Simple MACD changes through the portal

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    Operator Connect​


    Give Your Team a Voice

    NUWAVE’s Teams Voice is a Cloud-based telephony system for Microsoft Teams. As a trusted leader in the Unified Communications space, NUWAVE provides Modern and Legacy PBX Integration Capabilities with Hosted Cloud Direct routing, as well as Operator Connect Integrations and OC Accelator integrations for carriers.

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    NUWAVE’s passion for driving a simplified customer experience and their highly reliable voice services made NUWAVE an easy addition to Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams. The level of integration and automation that NUWAVE introduces aligns with our vision for realizing the potential vision of Operator Connect.

    - Mattia Tocco,
    Product and Business Leader