Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Marketing Materials

There is no one way to present to a customer and this section is intended to be a guide to assist you in developing your own methodology and style when working on opportunities. We’ll share some of our best practices below to assist you in getting started.

Presentation Materials

Presentation Materials

Sample Pitch Deck

This is an example of a commonly used Pitch Deck. You can use this as a starting point in order to customize for your Customer's needs

Sample Pitch Deck PDF Zoom Pitch Deck PPT

One Page Pitch for Carriers

Example of a commonly used Pitch Deck specific to Carriers.

Sample Pitch Deck PDF

About NUWAVE & our Network

NUWAVE's Products, network, and accomplishments all in a simple presentation


What is Direct Routing

Overview of Direct Routing and its benefits

Direct Routing for MS Teams PDF

What is Operator Connect

Overview of Operator Connect and its benefits

MS Teams Overview PDF Direct Routing for MS Teams PPT

What is iPILOT

Deep Dive into some of the key features of iPILOT, and how the automation can help manage a network

iPILOT Overview PDF


The power of network expansion and ability to manage it all in a single pane of glass


What is Constellation

Constellation, our latest security program helps businesses and organizations stay up to date with audits and security compliance

Constellation Overview PDF

NUWAVE's Voice Plans

Our current Pricing and offer on Zoom Phone

NUWAVE's Voice Plans PDF NUWAVE's Voice Plans PPT

Additional Features & Product Materials

Additional Features & Product Materials

NUWAVE Cloud Fax Services

Secure & Reliable HIPAA – Compliant Tier-1 Cloud Fax Solution Cloud Fax PDF

SMS Service for Microsoft Teams

Automated provisioning of Microsoft Teams SMS through iPILOT Teams SMS PDF

Landis Contact Center

Contact Center Solution for Microsoft Teams Contact Center PDF

Landis Attendant Console

Attendant Console Built for Microsoft Teams Attendant Console PDF


NUWAVE's Secure and Reliable SIP Trunk Service NUWAVE SIP PDF

NUWAVE Phone Pricing Guide

NUWAVE Device Guide PDF

Brand & Guideline Materials

Brand & Guideline Materials

NUWAVE Branding Guide

Branding Guide PDF

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Partner Resource for Different Products:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Partner Resources for NUWAVE's Unified, Simplified, Fast Voice Calling Experience for Microsoft Teams.

Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone

Partner Resources for NUWAVE's Unified, Simplified, Fast Voice Calling Experience for Zoom Phone.