High Quality Voice Services at a Lower Cost

Being a leaders in the field of voice services, NuWave provides comprehensive organizational solutions in all industry verticals.
Enabling Education
With our communication services, you can deliver connected, mobile, safer and effective learning environment to the audience. We believe in providing a new learning environment to the future generation where students can connect to the classes and material using cloud-based applications.

We offer K12 and higher education school system related voice solutions with highest effectiveness and clarity. As more and more educational institutes move towards cloud-based solutions, we make sure they can offer the best environment to the students and help them excel in whatever fields they wish. We help you installing wireless labs, bandwidth, and best infrastructure, critical in maintaining and offering learning solutions. We are one of the leaders in designing innovative communication solutions that offer schools simplicity, agility and seamless access to information. With cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, we design the voice solutions which improve networking, communication, workflow, connectivity and offer a better educational environment.

Enabling Government
Being one of the leaders in the field of voice services, NuWave provides comprehensive business solutions to all the industry verticals. Where we all depend upon a good government, NuWave believes in supporting the Government with the best services that enable them to serve most efficiently to the nation. We are a trusted solutions provider for advanced and cost-effective communication solutions which can help the Government to meet their standards.

With the growing population and global issues like terrorism and natural calamities, governments are increasingly turning towards harnessing the latest technologies. We provide a robust suite of communication services and products which meet the national and global standards and which are 100% reliable.

Enabling Enterprise
Our enterprise solutions enhance your information sharing, collaboration and application performance, leading your business to heightened productivity.

Modern enterprises need to invest in seamless communication and collaboration to deliver the best customer experience. Our voice solutions help you communicate and share work within and beyond your organization, helping you keep up with changing industry and customer demands.

We work actively to understand your enterprise and offer the best personalized solutions to tailor-fit your communications needs. Our expert team will help you create a suite of business communications and cloud services designed to evolve and scale with your company. Backed by our advanced, fiber-rich network, you can depend on getting the most secure, fast and reliable connectivity.

Enabling Healthcare
Advanced technology solutions to meet the ever changing landscape of the healthcare industry

We enable you to deliver powerful and flexible solutions for the needs of your patients. Integrating emerging and most powerful technologies, we help you keep your healthcare organizations connected, information-rich, secured and compliant. Leveraging the communication technologies, the healthcare organizations can not only increase productivity but also drive better patient experiences.

With our communication solutions, it becomes simpler to provide personalized care to the patients when they require it. Patients with multiple health concerns need a team that can coordinate and collaborate easily. With effective communication means, your staff can seamlessly communicate with them from wherever they are. Be better prepared to respond to a disaster. Automatically broadcast urgent information via SMS, voice, and email to staff and patients quickly to make the process faster and promise better life to the people.

Enabling Hospitality
Customer satisfaction is one of the core needs for Hospitality industry. Improve guest satisfaction and loyalty with superior in-room entertainment and secure dedicated internet access. We offer hospitality solutions using the latest technology you need to elevate your guests’ experience, while boosting the operational efficiency and effectiveness of your employees.

Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel and we make sure our hospitality customers enjoy scalable, reliable communications, optimized to meet the needs of their industry. Technologies are now a part of everyone’s day to day life and thus, we make sure the guests of our hospitality customers get delighted by our latest communication services. Features like automated check in and smartphone integration are becoming expected by consumers , which give them an unforgettable experience. Understanding the complexities of hospitality industry and its needs, we deliver cutting-edge voice solutions that make you a leader in your field. Transform your guest experience with a truly connected hotel where your guests can remain connected.

Enabling Small Business
Keeping your company’s employees connected to one another and with customers has become most important than ever. Good quality communication drives small businesses towards success and by coming to us; you can be sure for tailor made, economic and robust communication solutions. The biggest need of every small business is its ability to be quick in responding to the changing customer requirements and we make sure that our solutions enable you to fulfill this in efficient and unique way. We understand you also need tools, resources and abilities same as large enterprises – but at a small business price. And understanding this, we offer the most comprehensive solutions.

We bring the world’s best technologies along with our supreme expertise and customer service to provide small businesses with communications technology that can make you feel confident and comfortable. We make sure you don’t have to worry about technologies and you can concentrate on other areas. You run the business and leave the technology area on us!

Enabling Finance
The finance sector is constantly moving and the demands on your voice and data network are always high. You need a fast, reliable and secure network to keep you connected. NuWave Communications has created the network and services your organization needs. By allowing NuWave to join forces with your organization you will have a team of people watching your network connections 24 hours a day anticipating any interruptions and a NuWave representative available to call upon for any concerns.

NuWave’s financial solutions will align our solutions with your needs in voice, data, and managed services. Our full portfolio of voice solutions will connect you with your satellite office nearby or the world giving you the power to grow your market reach.

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