Navigating the Space between Direct Routing and Operator Connect

Find out which solution works better for your needs and the best way to manage both in your organization.

What you will learn:

With Operator Connect launching later this year, this webinar brings in to focus on how you can prepare your organization’s cloud network voice for the future. We will explore the key differences and capabilities of Direct Routing as compared to Operator Connect, and go over how you can enable, manage, and deploy both Direct Routing and Operator Connect as a service for your organization.
  • Difference between Operator Connect & Direct Routing
  • How to enable, manage, and deploy both services for your organization
  • Preparing you for the future of Cloud Communications
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Mark Bunnell

Chief Operating Officer

Join us for an out of this world webinar featuring Mark Bunnell, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-Founder of NUWAVE Communications. Mark brings 30+ years of global operations experience in the telecommunications industry with a proven track record of successfully developing companies while leading operational and strategic initiatives.
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