NuWave’s iPilot™ Automation Portal Adds Active Directory Sync Capabilities

iPilot™, the Worlds First Direct Routing Onboarding & Provisioning portal for Microsoft Teams now allows for full Active Directory Synchronization via NuWave’s iPilot™ PowerShell Module. This functionality works with both Native Azure AD and ADSync into Azure AD. ALL Active Directory implementation of user moves, additions, or changes are now synchronized with NuWave’s iPilot™ automation tool. This simplifies the administration & management of your Direct Routing cloud voice environment by enabling the automated synchronization of Active Directory information with iPilot™.

To use the NuWave’s PowerShell Module, you will require both an API Key and existing iPilot™ user account. Once you have the iPilot™ PowerShell Module setup, AD Admin changes such as name changes, user adds or removes are all automatically sync’d within the iPilot™ Portal. This means you no longer require a separate admin to sign into iPilot™ and manually input these changes.

In Addition, the iPilot™ PowerShell Module has the ability to automate your user provisioning process. When appropriate, user changes will result in newly provisioned or deprovisioned calling capabilities and phone number assignments through iPilot™. New users can automatically be assigned to the next available phone number, while deleted users can have their phone numbers returned to your inventory for reassignment.

“Being able to kick off moves, adds, and changes for Teams voice users via Active Directory is critical to most organizations’ HR management. Through NuWave, iPilot™ continues to simplify and enhance the Microsoft Teams voice experience through total management of your Direct Routing Cloud Calling Environment.” – Mark Bunnell, COO at NuWave Communications.

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