iPILOT Ready for Global Takeoff

Around the world, enterprises are increasingly using Microsoft Teams Voice to support work-from-anywhere employees. Deploying a cloud-based phone system is often a long and costly endeavor as enterprises struggle to unify complex communication infrastructures and diverse carrier/operator contracts under the Microsoft Teams umbrella. Now, NUWAVE’s iPILOT™ automation platform is set to change the entire landscape, enabling partners worldwide to quickly support enterprise rollouts of Teams Voice easily and at scale.

“Imagine a world where you can connect complex communication infrastructures without PowerShell, make on-demand global changes with a single click, and view your entire global communications infrastructure from a single UI,” says David Spears, Chief Product Officer at NUWAVE. “When Microsoft Teams got in touch, we transformed into the world’s first provisional automated platform for enabling Teams Direct Routing. Now we’ve just enabled Operator Connect in addition to the Team’s Direct Routing as a wave one partner through iPILOT™.”

Initially brought to market in November 2019, iPILOT™ is a cloud platform as a service (CPaaS) offering that supports the entire Microsoft Teams Calling lifecycle and solves for carrier hosted SBCs and on-premises SIP trunks as well as existing SBCs, carriers and operators. By opening up iPILOT™ for partner resale and white label, NUWAVE partners can benefit from a global alignment with the Microsoft brand as well as the unprecedented cost and time savings the iPILOT™ interface offers.

“As one of the few initial Microsoft Partners authorized on the Operator Connect program, those who partner with NUWAVE to leverage iPILOT™ will now be able to do in minutes what previously took months – all with significantly fewer resources,” adds Spears. “We are talking about accomplishing the complete lifecycle, from day zero to day two, in moments, with real-time configuration. It’s the end of the ‘we’ll get back to you with a quote’ era. Best of all, the simplicity of our interface enables 75% of enterprise end-users to completely self-serve and go from legacy to end-state Microsoft Teams Voice in less than a day. You don’t need to be a technical administrator to manage a frictionless rollout.”

In addition to iPILOT™, NUWAVE partners can also resell NUWAVE’s global voice services and immediately offer a competitive subscription service plan that includes intelligent capacity management with call paths. This enables customers to pay only for the call capacity they actually need and use.

iPILOT’s CPaaS solution combined with NUWAVE’s award-winning hosted Direct Routing unlocks the full potential of Microsoft Teams Voice for anyone seeking an all-in-one communication solution and phone system with full Office 365 integration at a reduced cost. In short, everyone wins.


About NUWAVE Communications

NUWAVE Communications is a Carrier and Teams Voice Service Provider with a continuing mission to sustain mutually valuable relationships with customers, employees, and communities. As a leading global provider and award-winning service provider of Microsoft Teams Hosted Voice Solutions and Direct Routing, NUWAVE employs some of the best, most experienced Microsoft Teams experts in the industry today. Our geo-redundant, carrier-grade network seamlessly supports all your Teams PSTN and cloud calling needs while not having experienced any customer-facing service outage in over 10 years.

To learn more about iPILOT™ and NUWAVE, go to www.ipilot.io.

email: sales@nuwave.com.